Open-Ended Meta-Learning Through Unbounded Creation of Metaverses and AI Agents

AI Debate 3

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For the purpose of entrusting all sentient beings with powerful tools to enhance their prosperity and to inspire those who will shape the new world, MONTREAL.AI preparing to launch an Apollo program at the convergence of AI and Web3: MONTREAL.AI METAVERSE.

Preliminary Roadmap

1) MONTREAL.AI Club: A significant, powerful and valuable lifetime genesis membership NFT. 2) MONTREAL.AI Orchestrator: AI agent learning to orchestrate synergies in Metaverses. 3) Saraswati DAO (Philanthropy): AI agent openly achieving free education for all (Saraswati AI will be to Education what Ethereum is to Finance). Token: $EDU. 4) Learn to Play to Earn: Mechanism bridging value creation between both the Metaverse and the real world. 5) MONTREAL.AI Strategist: AI agent designing strategies holding an advantage.

The fully expressive MONTREAL.AI METAVERSE will be generated by MONTREAL.AI MASTER.